It can be daunting to research the many differing fitness programs available and which will work best. Each person is different so while these various programs may be perfect down the road, the goal of Good2Go Fitness is to help keep it simple. To steer you clear of muddy communication, take it back to the basics of fitness, eating right and becoming consistently active.

If you are attempting to establish a healthy lifestyle but are uncertain how to begin, look no further. Within 6 dedicated months you will be able to learn the difference between various exercise programs in your area, identify your individual caloric needs then receive programs that are tailored to your current level along the way. You will be left with the confidence and ability to fairly judge whether a new environment or program is the most safe and ideal, before signing up.

The main focus of Good2Go Fit is to help individuals reach a baseline of fitness. With an exstensive knowledge of martial arts: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing, you're sure to have a written program that can be as simple or as challenging as you'd like. Let's team up to kickstart you into fitness the correct way by starting today.

Best health,​​
Kenny Gaudreau

American Mixed Martial Artist
CPR/AED Certified
AAS: Education

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