Join Good2Go Fit as we honor one of our American Heroes and place as a team on the national board in May. The challenge is dedicated to honor the heroic acts of Lt. Michael Murphy. Sign up in person at the 1914 S. Loudoun St., 22601 or email [email protected] Online registration coming soon!

Memorial Day
Location: Jim Barnett Park
Date: Monday, May 27th
Time: 9am

While on mission to destabilize local terrorist forces in Afghanistan, Lt. Murphy and his men came under enemy fire. Not only was their position compromised, but they were outnumbered 10:1 and were without the ability to transmit a signal for backup due to the 9 thousand foot altitude mountain they were on. The battle ensued for a few hours, during which Lt. Murph at one point disbanded from his group to find a signal. This left him in the open. Under enemy attack, he calmly transmitted his teams coordinates for back up. The rescue team  was unable to secure the men and three of the four from Lt. Murphs team eventually died from their wounds while attempting to bound down the mountain. The one who did escape, 2nd class corpsman Marcus Luttrell was later protected by a local village and rescued by Marines.
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